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What are cookies?

The website uses cookies. They are small text files that the website saves on the user’s computer or mobile device when the website is viewed.

The cookies collect data that make the use of the website easier, e.g. by temporarily saving the user’s preferences (e.g. user name, language, etc.). As a result, the user does not have to enter the same data at subsequent visits to the website.

The cookies can be also used to form anonymous statistics on the use of the website and to create the user’s profile of interests to match those interests to displayed advertisements.

Types of cookies

Administrator cookies are files that belong to the visited website. Only this website can read them.

Third-party cookies are cookies of external services used by the website.

Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on the user’s computer and are not automatically deleted when the web browser is closed.

Session cookies are cookies that are automatically deleted when the web browser is closed by the user.

What are cookies used for?

Some cookies used by the website are necessary for its proper functioning. Therefore, their use does not require the user’s consent. These are primarily authentication cookies and technical cookies that are required by some IT systems.

On the website, analytical cookies are used to improve the service quality and they store data or gain access to data already stored on the user’s end communication device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). The cookies used for this purpose include Google Analytics cookies, which are used to analyse how the user uses the website and to create statistics and reports on the functioning of the website.

Google Analytics cookies are files used by Google to create statistics and reports on the functioning of the website to analyse how it is used by the user. Google does not use the collected data to identify the user or to combine this information to enable identification. The detailed information on the scope and principles of data collection in connection with this service can be found at:

The uses also advertising cookies, which allow creating the user’s profile during the user’s visit to the website and to deliver tailored advertisements to the user’s profile on the third-party websites.

The website uses the Meta Pixel for this purpose. Detailed information about the Meta Pixel can be found at: The information on the customisation of displayed Facebook advertisements on the basis of activity data from ad partners can be found at:

Managing cookie settings

Cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the website pages are automatically installed on the user’s device. Their use is necessary for the provision of telecommunications services (data transmission to display the content). If the user wants to use the website, e.g. to browse the website, the user cannot opt out of these cookies.

The withdrawal of the consent to use the cookies is possible via the browser settings:

If the consent is not given or it is withdrawn for a given type of cookies, the cookies will not be installed on the user’s end device.

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